Engagement Models


Experience shows that apart from the best resources, choicest technologies, and methodologies. The engagement model also plays a vital role in enhancing customer satisfaction. In order to ensure that the customers get a real win-win proposition, we pick and choose a perfect engagement model based on several criteria to benefit both stakeholders.

Staff Augmentation Services

NSS-ITC offers comprehensive IT staff augmentation by employing skilled manpower onsite/offsite/offshore to clients across the globe. Our onsite staffing services model enables clients with the possibility of getting highly skilled IT personnel to suit the client’s requirements at competitive prices and the ability to discontinue service without obligations when requirements are fulfilled.

Fixed Cost Pricing Model

Fixed cost pricing is project-based pricing, a low-risk option that can be followed when the scope of a project is clear along with its requirements and expected results. This model ensures reliability and predictability. NSS-ITC takes responsibility to deliver the best performance of these projects and implement them on time and within budget. The benefits of working with a Fixed pricing model are that the scope and cost are fixed and hence everything is clearly agreed upon from the beginning.

Time & Material Pricing Model

In the T&M pricing model, the cost of the project depends on the total execution time and the number of resources deployed. This model is useful when the requirements keep changing from time to time and the client is unsure of the completion time for the project. This engagement model provides greater flexibility when developing a product or solution on a regular basis but allows for changes based on the client/market needs.

BOT Model

The Build-Operate-Transfer Model is best suited for software companies interested in globalization and expansion. In this model, companies can rapidly commence offshore operations and own an entire offshore facility with minimal risk and investment. The process involves building an offshore facility using NSS-ITC’s experience and infrastructure, operating and customizing the offshore facility to suit the client’s needs related to software development, recruitment of technology professionals and finally transferring ownership along with resources to the client.