As a leading IT solutions provider, NSS-ITC understands that finding skilled resources and retaining talent is a challenge that many companies face and realized the opportunities arising out of the situation. Right now, we have full-fledged recruitment practice to help the IT industry and help build successful companies by identifying the best candidates for them.

Human capital is the most valuable asset for any organization today, our wide suite of services lets you leverage your company’s HR potential and optimize the performance of your employees. Through our highly customized service offerings, we help you find the right candidates and partner with you in maximizing the potential of your human capital thus optimizing your employee productivity.

Our Value Proposition

  • Expert Market Knowledge
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Continuous availability
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility

NSS-ITC offers several flexible methods through which organizations can hire people from us depending upon the requirement. Each of these outsourcing methods provides its own benefits. Keeping the unique requirement of the customers in mind, we suggest them a suitable model based on their Budget, Project management requirement, Impact on users, and Deliverables.

Technology Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is helpful when you have a talent shortage but already have Project management set up to monitor the project wherein an individual or a small group, can be inserted into the existing team structure. NSS-ITC can help in staff augmentation which would also help to test a larger staff before making a direct hire. We can provide the best temporary IT employees to support projects and are managed by existing management within your company.

With Staff augmentation, NSS-ITC can help you achieve various aspects of business goals including faster time-to-market, exceptional quality, reduced cost, and faster availability of the needed skill sets, thereby providing a lean, dynamic, and agile extension to their internal IT teams. We offer different flavors of staff augmentation services, from which the customers can pick and choose as per their requirements and budget.

  • Contractual
  • Permanent
  • Periodic
  • Offshore

Technology Staffing Services

NSS-ITC offers the Staffing services model when your company is yet to have the skill set or infrastructure in-house. Staffing services provide a team of experienced IT professionals who are hired for a specific project and are managed externally. Staffing services typically provide defined deliverables at the end of the contract, such as

  • IT transformation
  • Major IT implementation, such as an ERP system
  • Merger / Acquisition
  • Migrating the entire company to a new version of the software application
  • Performing a review of systems architecture, pointing out where the company is at risk
At NSS-ITC, we understand that each and every customer and assignment are unique. We design staffing solutions based on the need of the client and will be redesigned in such a way that the customer closes the position at a short notice.