Training & Transition

In the competitive IT world today, Technology skills need to be constantly updated both from organizational and individual perspectives to stay ahead in the race. As an IT organization, we are well convinced that it is prudent for any technology initiative to be backed by a sustained training process. IT Training is an integral part of improving the competence of resources. We are also passionate about providing our customers with the most updated training on relevant technologies that will propel the capability and skills of their teams.

Our training initiatives come in many forms focused on

  • Corporate Clients
  • Fresh graduates
  • In-house teams
  • Release Management
  • Mid-level professionals who opt for multi-skilling
  • Senior professionals who wish to upgrade their skills

Training Models

Post-Recruitment Training

Even the best recruitment process cannot guarantee the work readiness of fresh recruits. Organizations cannot afford the lengthy learning curves that new recruits often take to improve work effectiveness. With our Work-readiness program, we can empower the new recruits with proper training and turn them into highly productive resources in a short time.


We design and conduct short and effective software training programs which can quickly equip resources to overcome any skill gaps and put the priority projects back on the fast track.

Project Preparatory Training

Customized preparatory training modules to seal the skill gaps in the Project teams

Corporate Training

NSS-ITC has envisioned cost-effective IT training services for corporates that suit their training requirements. We understand that corporate training is distinct from academic or professional training programs, as the training which needs to be delivered to corporates is highly customized and specific to meet the set objectives of the organization. We deliver specialized corporate trainings for diverse software platforms. This way, we help organizations maximize business performance through learning and training support solutions.

Product Development

We can help companies create software products that add value to their own processes or to the end customers by following the best-of-the-breed technologies and methods.

Training & Transition

This is one of a kind training program, where we transform aspiring graduates to become IT Consultants and help them be part of big-ticket industries like BFSI & IT. Helping young educated youth to shape the future direction of their careers is a crucial aspect of their talent development for a promising future. Also, we have devised this program to make up for the acute shortfall of well-trained and experienced resources in the IT industry. With our customized finishing school and Work-readiness packages, we can empower fresh graduates with proper training capsules and turn them into highly productive resources in a short time, also offering them a great career path forward.

Training & Transition